Our latest drawing’s were a few groovy chickens. On their own they look pretty good and anyone could potentially wear the design but together they start to make an ideal design for anyone that wants a catchy hen night party statement on their clothing. There also nice of course for anyone that just like’s chickens and wants a rustic or crazy looking chicken on their clothing or merchandise to display to the world, they particularly look good on some mugs.

I have made available all three on their own as individual designs, you can use the Spreadshirt shop customize tool to add them together in whatever combination you want or perhaps you might want to add some text to accompany the design, something like “Cluck Cluck Cluck”, its totally your choice! I have also created two design’s that specifically target Hen Nights with all three chickens together, complete with some love hearts and the choice of text between Team Bride of Hen Night, again you can mix and match those chickens and text together yourself by using the customize tool on the Spreadshirt stores.

Weddings seem to be a popular subject for designs so I will be creating some more designs for this occasion in the near future. Keep a look out for them!

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